Kirkland Tawny Port

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    I recently saw a tawny port under the Kirkland label at the Danvers, MA Costco and for $16.89 went out on a limb and bought it. It may or may not be 10 year old tawny because the label doesn’t say. But I’m guessing it is based on price, as 20 or 30 year costs much more.

    In any case, if you enjoy port, do a mad dash to get this. Sweet, of course. But also lots of juicy, somewhat tangy fruit and spice with a wonderful acid backbone keeping it all balanced and long. I haven’t liked many young tawnys but this is truly excellent. Very decent price, too. The clerk said it will be in stock probably until Christmas, but who knows. If you like it, my advice is to stock up.



    Oops! Gee. It only says 10 year old tawny right on the front label. Made by Fonseca, one of the oldest and best producers.

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