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Kirkland Signature Series Columbia Vally Red Wine 2016

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    Rob from WA

    According to the bottle it is made from Cabernet, Merlot and Syrah. Tasted rich dark fruit flavors with a spice note and a smooth lasting finish. Syrah comes through as the dominant fruit. The winemaker is Gilles Nicault of Long Shadows fame. This is a fine example of a Washington State red blend and a great buy. $16.99 at the Woodinville, WA Costco.



    Thanks for starting a dialogue about this one. I hope to find the current vintage so we can review. Sounds like a winner. We’ve enjoyed it in years past (review of 2014 vintage)


    Anthony Imperati

    I’m trying to gauge if it is worth cellaring half a case? Will this improve nicely or is this not a cellaring wine? Sometimes before the jury is out the inventory is gone lol. Thanks.



    I’d love to taste this one to learn more, but I would venture to say it could go for a few years and may improve slightly with some bottle time. Probably more of a short term cellar bottle vs. long term.



    I will try cellaring a couple of bottles, because frankly I found this too young to drink right now. Even after decanting for several hours it was too tannic for my taste. Lots of tar, leather, and peppery spices that nip at the tastebuds, and just a hint of dark fruit. Hopefully this will soften up a bit after a few years.
    I thought the last couple of vintages of CV Red were superior to this.



    Few hours later and just tried another taste. Not good. Now I’m thinking wine was cooked during transport. Makes sense given it has that “cooked” taste profile, we’ve had record temps all over the country, it just arrived a few days ago here in Apex, NC, Rob from WA’s positive response, and the Vivino community positive (4.1 rating) response.
    My tastebuds can’t be THAT screwed up, lol.

    One of the things I do worry about with Costco wines, is how they’re handled – especially during the summer. Might be a good subject for the editors to delve into.



    The 2015 and 2016 Substance cab’s are one of my favorite Costco wine finds at $12. Interested to see how the KSS columbia valley blend compares. Anyone know if a KSS columbia valley cab is out there?



    There is a Kirkland Columbia Valley Cab that just arrived near us. We really enjoyed it. Review posting soon but it was only $9.

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