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    Douro Red

    Today at my local Costco in Florida I saw the 2016 vintage of Kirkland Chablis 1er Cru has arrived. Last year I tried one bottle of the 2015 vintage, then returned and bought a case; I finished my last bottle in December. Today I picked up two bottles of the ’16 and, if it’s as good as the ’15, I’ll go back for more. Price: $17.99.



    Cool. I’m anxious to try this one as well. Thanks for the heads up.


    Douro Red

    Just opened the first bottle. Golden yellow color, nose of yellow fruits (pineapple?) On the palate, lively acidity with a hint of Chablis salinity. Dry with no oak. Medium bodied with a long finish that makes me want to swirl it in my mouth. DIAM closure, so this wine should age for a number of years without worrying about premature oxidation. A delicious wine. More complex than the 2015 vintage. From Jean-Marc Brocard, one of the premier Chablis houses. Excellent value.



    I love Chablis but was incredibly disappointed with this wine. To me, it lacked much acidity, and definitely was missing the classic zippy-ness and minerality of most of the Chablis I’ve had. Not worth the money, imho.

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