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How can I get Costco wines in Pennsylvania?

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    Hello, we were recently in Florida and had the Kirkland Signature Napa Valley Red Blend – which we really liked. The Costco in Pennsylvania do not sell wines or liquors. How can I get some of the Red Blend? Any help is most appreciated. Thank you.


    Mr. MBA

    Greetings hatvtop — Regrettably, PA does not allow wine or beer sales in Costco stores (yet?). So our options are rather limited. Technically, we are not supposed to transport alcohol across state lines, but we occasionally stop by Costco locations in other states, like VA and KY while visiting family there. I think the authorities have enough real issues to deal with; so we are probably safe to bring back a few bottles of wine to sample at home when we get back. The KY Costco locations even carry spirits (including bourbon) with the usual low markup like their wines. I hope this info helps until PA someday changes its archaic liquor laws!



    Hello Mr. MBA and thank you. Our LCB rules are archaic. I would love to buy wine and liquor at our Costco. Especially that Red Blend.



    Pennsylvania now allows the sale of wine and beer in grocery stores. Wawa has even applied for a license and I regularly buy wine at the supermarket. Wegman’s has a good selection and the prices are the same as the PA liquor stores. When will Costco join the crowd and show PA how it is done?

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