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    New to the forum and new to wine aging. Just got a wine refrigerator and now I am wondering if Costco wines are good for aging. I really enjoy dry cab, malbec and chiantis. I have been able to enjoy some after about six-seven years of aging in home, without refrigeration, but looking to take it to next level. Any leads would be much appreciated.





    Hi Palak, glad you joined the group and I’m happy to try to help out with some tips of aging Costco wines.
    It’s going to be hard to make specific recommendations because of the ever changing selection at Costco and the fact that stores near you may not carry the same wines as we have access to.
    We also try to note in our reviews the aging potential of wines if we think it’s there.
    But on a broader scale, I would follow these guidelines. First, keep a vintage chart handy. This one from Wine Spectator is pretty good:
    Not only will this tell you the better vintages by region, but it also gives recommendations on when to drink or when to hold the bottles. There’s a lot of info here to use to make decisions.
    Next you want to make sure the wine you buy is built to age, and will improve and/or benefit from age. This is tricky too, and involves a bit of trial and error, to really help determine what wines you like to be aged, and what taste profiles you enjoy the most.
    Personally, I love aged left bank Bordeaux. It’s what I cellar the most of, and the right bottles will go for a very long time.
    Hope that helps a bit, and maybe others will respond with more tips. If we come across any good ones for aging, we’ll be sure to note in the review.
    Most readers tend to like to value priced wines we review, which are meant to drink right away, so we don’t also review the more expensive, age worthy wines, but we do occasionally. Thanks again for following the site.

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