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    Your reviews are great and very informative.  However the one complaint I have is that 80 to 100% of the costco wines reviewed are never available at the Costco in Edison NJ.

    The Northeast Region, receive the wines  especially NJ does not seem to  receive the Kirkland  wines that are reviewed from Purchases made in Georgia.  Can this ever be corrected??


    Hi, glad you enjoy the site, and your comment is a very common one.  Because we are 100% independent of Costco we have access to the wines we find at stores near us and access the same street level info as any other Costco shopper.  We hope others are able to find them but often times that’s not the case which does suck.

    I wish we had more insight into the wine’s distribution and reach to share with readers but staying an independent voice is really important to me and a reason (I believe) for the site’s success.

    We recently launched a Left Coast Wines portion of the forum with some guys covering wines they find in California. Posting wines you find here in the forums helps too from a crowd sourced perspective, which is likely the best way to share regional inventory and availability.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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