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Beau Vigne Cult Napa Valley Cabernet Savignon 2018

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    Hey all, first time post here. I was stunned to find this wine yesterday at the Dodge St Costco location in Omaha, NE. Beau Vigne recently came under new management and 2017 was the last vintage under the old management. They were more a niche winery that the new owners are looking to take to scale a bit. All the same this is a quality Napa Cab from a quality vineyard that retails for $125 on their website and Vivino avg price bears the same price. Hence I was stunned to see it for $28.99 at Costco! I figured there had to be a mistake or I was missing something but it seems to all stand up.
    Winery: Beau Vigne
    Wine: Cult
    Varietal: Cabernet Savignon
    Year: 2018
    Region: Napa Valley
    AVA: Stags Ridge / Atlas Peak

    Has anybody else seen deals like this from time to time? How in the world can they offer it for this price? The manufacturer must have a ton of surplus inventory and/or be hurting for capital and need to move some bottles fast.



    Wow. That sounds like a great wine and that discounted price I agree, seems hard to believe.
    I’ve seen some pretty big discounts over the years at Costco but this might take the cake.
    I’ll be keeping an eye out for it around the Atlanta area. I love wines from that area.
    Thanks for posting and giving everyone a heads up on this one.



    You’re very welcome. I appreciate and enjoy the blog and wanted to share with you and others to be on the lookout for this gem should it come your way because it likely won’t last long when it hits. I chat up the wine guy at my Costco and learned that Wine is delivered on Mondays for our store. Not sure if thats true for everyone. He told me that shopping Fridays I could miss out on good wine as the good stuff comes in Monday and gone by Friday. Just a pro tip that maybe you have touched on before but be friendly with and get to know the worker in the wine section at your local Costco and see what info you can learn. If you are able to shop the day wine is delivered, the better the chance to catch a killer deal. Happy New Year!



    I saw it in Indy too the other day. Bought a few bottles, but I didn’t research to find the retail cost. I might have to go back for some more.



    Opened it last night with my wife and it was truly enjoyable first sip to last! Worth every last cent wish I had bought more, betting its long gone now but will check.



    That’s a great tip, M. Wallace!
    Thank you!

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