2017 Trimbach Riesling

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    ‪Love this Alsatian producer, particularly their Pinot Blanc, so happy to see their Riesling hit Costco. And it was delicious too – 2017 Trimbach Riesling https://costcowineblog.com/2017-trimbach-riesling/‬



    I have had the opportunity to travel in Alsace several times and have to say that I love their wines— all white except for a little bit of pinot noir. Here’s a point that needs to be emphasized to American wine drinkers: these are excellent and very versatile wines with food. We tend to think of rieslings and gewurz’s as “sweet wines” good for an aperitif or dessert wine—– not so with Alsatian (and for that matter most German) whites. Drink up with food and you will really enjoy and appreciate their character !!

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