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2017 K.S. Chianti Classico Reserva

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    Has just arrived at the DC store. As last year, I simply put a case in our cart, and it was only then that I saw the price–$7.99, which here is 60 cents less than last year. Just tried a couple sips and it’s every bit as good as I remember the previous several vintages being. That’s why I love Costco–great products and Falling Prices! The label says this one is “bottled by ICORF”. Also, if anyone cares, “The Suckling” gave it 91 points.



    Found this one today at the Michigan Rd store in Indianapolis.



    Nope. Suckling, Luca Maroni, James Halladay, Decanter (among others) are “Rating W#$res” and their numbers are regularly inflated by 5-8 points over fair assessment

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