2017 Erath Pinot Noir

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    ‪When you can’t decide between red, white or rosé, as is frequently the case with me this time of year, Pinot Noir usually works and this is a good pick from Oregon at Costco for $15 – 2017 Erath Pinot Noir https://costcowineblog.com/2017-erath-pinot-noir/ 



    This usually comes on special at least once a year, and as I recall I paid in the 10/11 dollar range for it. At that price (and even its regular price) it is a steal for mid-week drinking and as you note is extremely versatile with food. I prefer this style of pinot noir, sometimes referred to as the “French” style, that is lighter in color and definitely has the fruit/tart combination often described as pie cherry—- not sweet cherry but the more tart pie cherry. (Since that is my favorite pie I guess it’s no surprise that I enjoy this wine.). BTW, most California pinots to me are over-extracted fruit bombs —- so not as versatile with food, and really a different creature. If you gave me a choice between a $50 Cal. “fruit bomb” pinot and this Erath my choice would definitely be the latter.

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