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    At $8 the latest Kirkland Bordeaux Superieur is a pretty good buy; we rated it similar to past vintages – 2016 Kirkland Signature Bordeaux Superieur 


    I find your review a bit harsh. While this is not a great Bordeaux, it still makes for an honest Bordeaux decently showing some finish.
    While the first sip was quite disappointing, I always give the bottle some time to open up and make sure I can taste it the next day. A sign of decent quality is that it improved on day 2.
    I always look for those inexpensive daily Bordeaux and I plan to have another look. I will likely buy more but certainly not for cooking.
    Definitely not a vin de garde to keep, but very drinkable through the winter with pasta or meat.
    Thanks for reviewing those Kirkland wines


    Bordeaux is hard for me. I aways seem to open it at the wrong time. I bought a Costco four pack three years ago; two are still in my racks. Not impressed.

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