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      Who we are:  We are retired gentlemen who enjoy the social aspect of good wine.  We are fortunate enough to live in Northern California where wineries are within 60 minutes of our homes. 

      Our Rating Scale:  As we are retired, counting higher than 20 challenges the concept of retirement. We also don’t want to use another group’s metrics because we haven’t put the energy into figuring them out.  So a year ago, we created our wine rating system which we believe is more informative.  We rate these wines both on value and enjoyment, using the day of the week:

      Monday wine: Not drinkable, down the drain

      Tuesday wine: Not really drinkable, may cook with it

      Wednesday wine: If there isn't anything else, it can be the wine of the hour.

      Thursday wine: A wine you would share with friends. You would buy this wine again.

      Friday wine: A wine you would serve at a family or friends get together for dinner or social hour. You would buy a number of bottles to put away.

      Saturday wine: A spectacular wine that you would serve to esteemed guests, family, or for a special occasion. You should buy as many bottles as you can afford.

      Sunday:  We enjoy what we have open.

      Use of Argon Gas: As we present our findings, we will strive to give you our opinion on a freshly opened bottle and one where the wine has had time to interact with air, then we stabilize the wine with Argon gas. We have found most of the time, the wine is better to significantly better after sitting under gas for a couple of days.  There is good news here, you can have multiple bottles open to enjoy over a weeks’ time.

      Affiliations:  We do not work for Costco or work for a winery or own a winery or vineyard. Our Costco stores have wines from local American Viticulture Area (AVA), which will be included in our blog -

      Goal: Enjoy good wine with friends, share collectively what we have learned, and have fun.  We hope you enjoy our blog.
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    • Latest Finds
      Share your most recent Costco wine finds. Please include as much information as possible, including the location where you purchased the wine, price and Costco item number.
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