Rules and Guidelines

Costco Wine Blog Administrators and Moderators are responsible for maintaining a high quality forum focused on Costco Wine.

1. Forum Scope

Posts that fall outside the narrowly defined scope of Costco wine may be deleted by moderators.

1.1 Costco Wine Blog is intended for the discussion of buying, selecting and enjoyment of Costco wine
1.2 Discussion of politics, religion, or any other contentious political or social subject is forbidden.
1.3 The promotion of your own commercial product is not permitted. This includes references to products and projects by persons known to you.
1.4, and the Costco Wine Blog Forums have absolutely no relationship or affiliation with Costco Wholesale Corporation.  We are 100% independent, and the views and opinions expressed on the website, and in these forums, are not those of Costco Wholesale Corporation.  

2. Acceptable Behavior

2.1 Posts must remain respectful of the opinions of others, even if contrary to your own.
2.2 Posts should make a contribution; too much forum “noise” may be moved or deleted by moderators.
2.3 Do not rant. Repeating yourself makes your posts part of the forum noise.
2.4 If you wind up in an argument with another member, do not fight within the forum; please take the discussion to email or to a private, off forum dialogue.
2.5  “Drive-by-posting” is not permitted: posts from new registrants that only link to their own websites will be deleted.
2.6 Do not start new topics just to be “first.” Particularly in the most active areas of this forum, decisions of when to open and close new topics are usually made by moderators.

3. Results of Rule Violations

Admins and Mods may delete posts without warning or discussion in order to keep the forum tidy. If a member repeatedly violates rules (or commits a single particularly egregious rule violation), a discussion is opened among the administration team about that member. Decisions to suspend or ban members are made by consensus among the administration team.

3.1 Members who repeatedly violate rules will receive a warning from a forum moderator.
3.2 Additional rule violations may result in a two-week suspension or revocation of membership.
3.3 Banned users found to have set up a new member account under a pseudonym will be banned again without warning.

4. Miscellaneous

4.1 Blatant advertising on the forum is not permitted. Wine and wine related products can certainly be discussed, critiqued, or evaluated, but posts saying “check out my (whatever) for sale” will be deleted.
4.2 A forum is like a tiny social club. It is a shared space that can be as good or as bad as the group it represents. If you disagree with someone, please do so in a polite, positive way. You don’t need to resort to personal attacks and name calling.

Interpretation of the Rules and Guidelines

Decisions regarding what constitutes infringement of the Rules as well as the responsibility to remove, edit, move or close those posts or entire threads that are seen as being harmful to the forum resides entirely with them.

In summary, let’s play nice and have fun.  We’re all in this together, with the same goal to find awesome wine from Costco.