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2020 Kirkland Signature Suscol Vineyard Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

2020 Kirkland Signature Suscol Vineyard Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

We heard about a week and a half ago that this popular Kirkland wine was hitting shelves, and we didn’t see it on a prior trip the past weekend, but found it last night.

And it’s one you need to grab when you can. It can disappear in days. And with good reason, because it’s historically been a delicious wine at a really good price.

Kirkland Suscol Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

We’re happy to report the same story once again with the new 2020 vintage. The price staying the same at $16.99 was a welcome sight. We’re just waiting for this one to start creeping up.

It’s the same label design and winemaker (Jeff McBride) as the previous two vintage of this bottle which debuted with the 2018 vintage back in April of 2021.

For each of the past two vintages, we’ve rated them 91 points with a Top Picks designation. You can read those here:

2018 vintage

2019 vintage

The wine tastes similar to the past vintages as well, especially after it gets a little airtime and opens up.

Deep ruby in the glass with a earthy cherry nose; vegetal notes with full body and good acidity; juicy red and dark fruit flavor; dark chocolate, dry and lasting in the finish. As we’ve said before, it’s not your average Napa Cab.

Kirkland Suscol Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

We’re stoked to see this back in stores at the same price and tasting as good as ever. If you’ve tasted and enjoyed this one before, stock up if you see it. If you’re just now learning about it, keep an eye out and don’t hesitate because this one moves fast.

We’ll be keeping our rating the same at 91 points, and will add this bottle to our Top Picks list. This is a reason to shop at Costco. Cheers. Rating: 91 points (a Costco Wine Blog Top Pick)

Costco item number: 1491800

Purchased at Costco in: Atlanta, GA (Kennesaw, GA)

Alc. 14.5%


Tuesday 25th of April 2023

$22.99 at Costco in Liberty Township in Cincinnati. $17.99 in Florence KY! That's a major price difference! Ohio taxes suck! Was worth the drive to Florence to snag a case. The wine prices at the new Costco in Liberty Township are much higher than the store used to be in Springdale that was recently closed up.


Sunday 23rd of April 2023

Found this Napa yesterday in Glenview IL, bought a few btls on your recommendation- had one last night - excellent wine for then money. As other people have mentioned on this thread - it was 17.99 here too.


Sunday 23rd of April 2023

It used to be that when I got notice of a posting (email), it would have the name of the wine in the subject line. Since February, the subject line is just "New from Costco Wine Blog". I archive the email in a folder and it used to be easy to go back and find a wine quickly. Any reason for the change? Your blog is great and much appreciated, by the way.


Sunday 23rd of April 2023

Yes. We were having an e-mail issue and our email provider was duplicating emails and not sending the latest posts. You might remember when that was happening a few months ago. We reconfigured a few things and now it seems to be good but the customized subject line is something we couldn’t figure out. Appreciate the feedback and we never thought about people using it for search like that. So we’ll see if we can’t figure something out.


Saturday 22nd of April 2023

Thanks to @Navin S for the heads up regarding the CDP - found it today along with this Cab and the Rioja. That's a Kirkland trifecta! And I got my auto tires rotated to boot (that was the excuse to shop).

Regarding the Chateauneuf du Pape, I had to check as apparently I have been hoarding these. I have back to 2014 successively, and a spare 2011 hanging out in the cellar. Time to start opening them! Needless to say I won't be trying out the 2021 anytime soon but look forward to hearing what others (that can find it) think.



Saturday 22nd of April 2023

That should be a fun wine exploration. Our oldest Kirkland bottle in the cellar is ‘10 Pauillac. Wish they still made that one.


Saturday 22nd of April 2023

FYI - The price of the Suscol cab is actually $17.99 at my local store in Washington State, which suggests that there may be regional pricing differences.

Andrew Jacobs

Saturday 6th of May 2023

@Eric, it's also $17.99 at the Costco in Huntington Beach, CA.


Wednesday 3rd of May 2023

@Eric, price differences could have something to do with state alcohol taxes.


Wednesday 26th of April 2023


It was $22.99 in Ohio. I still grabbed a couple to try.

Bill Harrod

Sunday 23rd of April 2023

@Eric, In NC I found the same thing, the price was $17.99


Saturday 22nd of April 2023


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